Before and After: Tundra Tires

Tundra on Goodyear Blimp tires

Ever wondered what Tundra Tires can do for a bush plane? Here's a quick summary, based on the first couple of hours of flying our Dream Tundra after stepping up to 25.5" Goodyear "Blimp" tires. The stock tires for the Tundra are the old standard 8.50x6, and they have done a good job for the first 120 hours on the plane. They work great on pavement and improved gravel or turf strips--but they get a little nervous when the landing surface gets rougher and less improved. Or maybe its just the pilot that gets nervous--it can be hard to tell.

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Desser's 31/11.00-10 4-ply Bigfoot Tundra Tire

Desser introduced the latest in its line of "Tundra" tires, the 31/11.00-10 4 ply Bigfoot.

The 31" Bigfoot is a fully FAA-approved and TSO’ed tire. Weighing in at a lightweight 20 lb, it can be used on most 10” wheels, including wheels with the GAR-Aero, 6” to 10” adapters, provided by Seaplanes North. Alaskan Bushwheel, Matco, and Cleveland also have wheels which can be used on this tire. A new lightweight wheel, disc, and brake will be introduced shortly, which can used in the experimental and then the TC markets. Continue reading "Desser's 31/11.00-10 4-ply Bigfoot Tundra Tire"

First Tires

One surprise that catches many first-time builders who have finished their projects and turned into flyers is short tire life. While some of this can be explained by a new pilot learning to fly (and test) a new airplane, the actual explanation is much simpler. Your new airplane has "old" tires! Continue reading "First Tires"

New Back Country Tires from Desser

image004image003Desser Tire & Rubber Company has just introduced its new line of ultimate backcountry Tundra tires. The first iteration in a series of new tire releases is the Aero Classic LSA/Experimental 8.50-6 4 ply rating smooth tire.

This tire has essentially the same dimensions as the TSO 850-6 tires that are in use currently, but is rated at 4 ply, instead of 6, and has a smooth tread profile, which is designed not to pick up pebbles and rocks, and damage the skin of the aircraft, and is highly deflected to absorb larger river rocks and gravel. This new tire incorporates a tube, and will be one of the lightest size tires in its class, and has a high speed rating of 120 mph.

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