Tempest Easy Drain Tool

Spotted a great tool in the Superior booth, designed to drain the oil from a horizontal oil filter. Just clamp it on, attach a hose to the nipple, and screw in the tee handle, which neatly punches a small hole in the filter case. Continue reading "Tempest Easy Drain Tool"

Aircraft Tool Supply Offering Sale Pricing and Freebies

The ATS 2017 Summer Sale is featured online from July 17th through August 6th 2017. The sale offers exclusive sale pricing and FREE products with specific purchases.

Want to see the tools in person? Visit ATS at EAA AirVenture July 24th-30th 2017 in Hangar D, Booth 4030-4033

Visit www.aircraft-tool.com for more details.

Drill straight and dead center every time you remove a rivet

Aircraft Tool Supply offers its Close Quarters Rivet Removal Tool this week for $125.95. This handy tool allows you to remove 3/32" - 1/4" diameter universal head solid rivets. Continue reading "Drill straight and dead center every time you remove a rivet"

Cool Tools from Perennial Exhibitors

Kathy and Randy Hadsall have been providing demonstrations of their ClampTite clamp making tool at Sun n Fun for 8 years straight - and in the same booth location! Aircraft homebuilders appreciate the need to make secure, reliable clamps with stainless steel wire as an alternative to factory made clamps. Continue reading "Cool Tools from Perennial Exhibitors"

Aircraft Tool Supply Company Rivet Squeezer Deal Offered

March Madness Monday Deal! Purchase the ATS Pro Heavy Duty Rivet Squeezer (1-1/2") #5011-1A for 10% off this week only. The squeezer can connect to the Rivet Squeezer Bench Mount #RS-BK for a more versatile tool. The bench mount is also on sale this week for $49.95. These sale prices are only valid until April 3, 2017. Continue reading "Aircraft Tool Supply Company Rivet Squeezer Deal Offered"

Inexpensive Tools

We're all craftspeople, right? When building airplanes, we work to tolerances of a 64th of an inch, we don't accept dents or nicks, and scratches are anathema—so naturally, we all like to have workshops that are spotless and tools that are organized—and of the highest quality. Sit around with a bunch of builders and bring the topic around to tools – and names like Snap-On, MAC, and Craftsman will come out... and those who talk in terms of Big-Box store brands are slowly shuffled out of the conversation. Yeah, it’s all about the price of the toys—we get that. But then again—some of my oldest tools came from my father, and he got them from his father—and they have no names on them. Branding wasn’t that important in the beginning of the 20th century. Continue reading "Inexpensive Tools"