Getting a Grip

Cockpit ergonomics are a big deal to me – and they are a slippery problem. I spent much of a career helping designers refine designs for man-machine interfaces, and part of the problem we had is that everyone had different opinions of what was “good.” And given the wide variety of people – both in size and shape as well as the way they think – coming up with good solutions was never easy. Continue reading "Getting a Grip"

The Right Grip

tosten control gripIt's funny how little things can make a huge difference in life--especially when it comes to aviation. Little things are important to aircraft design, and there are few things in an airplane that we can take for granted. Take, for instance the simple matter of finding a stick grip that works well for a particular airplane. You see--stick grips don't just match your hand (although that is important), they also need to work with the plane! Continue reading "The Right Grip"

Tosten’s New MS Grip

Tosten’s new MS stick grip is completely customizable; this one is a left-hand model.
Tosten’s new MS stick grip is completely customizable; this one is a left-hand model.

About a year ago we showed the tooling for Tosten's upcoming stick grip in our grip round-up article, and now it's on the market. This morning we gave the new MS "Military Style" grip a quick squeeze at the Tosten Air Venture booth and are happy to report it feels just as good as expected.

In fact, given this grip's combination of affordability, features and custom outfitting it’s difficult to see the MS not becoming a common part in many cockpits. Tosten’s philosophy for the MS grip is customization. You can "build" a grip on the website, selecting from ambidextrous, right or left handed moldings, then select a number of rests, toggles, switches and buttons to dress it with. Continue reading "Tosten’s New MS Grip"