Garmin unveils the next generation of all-in-one ADS-B transponders

GTX 345/335 provide simple upgrade path for thousands of aircraft worldwide

Garmin G1000 GTX345_Traffic
GTX345 Traffic

Garmin announced the GTX 345 and GTX 335 all-in-one ADS-B transponders that include Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B Out with options for built-in WAAS, as well as dual-link ADS-B In. The GTX 345/335 integrate on a wide variety of current and legacy Garmin displays, including select G1000 Integrated Flight Decks. Regardless of the existing avionics configuration, the GTX 345 unlocks more capabilities for pilots by displaying ADS-B traffic, subscription-free weather, GPS position data and back-up attitude information on the popular Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight Mobile apps via Bluetooth and Connext wireless technology. The GTX 345/335 come in an attractive size and form factor, making it easy to replace the most popular transponders in the industry, like the Garmin GTX 327 and many others. Remote options are also available for compatibility with the GTN™ 650/750 series and G1000-equipped aircraft. Additionally, the GTX 345/335 transponders are backed by 12 consecutive years of award-winning avionics product support and prices start at only $2,995*. Continue reading "Garmin unveils the next generation of all-in-one ADS-B transponders"

Advanced Flight Systems Inc. Announces Support for Transponders

AFS Press Release TranspondersAdvanced Flight Systems Inc. has announced new software to support the integration of the Trig/Dynon Remote Transponders with the AF-5000 series EFIS systems. After installing the free software upgrade, customers will be able to use the Trig/Dynon SVXPNDR-261 Remote Transponder to satisfy the FAA's "2020 ADS-B Out mandate" (the SVXPNDR-262, because of its lower output power class rating, won't be able to be used for 2020 mandate compliance). The AF-5000 EFIS to SV-XPNDR-26x interface does not require any separate converter module and was developed with the full cooperation of Trig and Dynon. When the SV-XPNDR-26x is combined with the FreeFlight XPLORER ADS-B receiver, users will have access to ADS-B traffic and free ADS-B weather on the AF-5000 series EFIS screens. Continue reading "Advanced Flight Systems Inc. Announces Support for Transponders"

Garmin GTX 23 Remote Transponder for ADS-B Compliance

Garmin announced the GTX 23 ES remote transponder, a new remote-mounted Mode-S extended squitter transponder for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The GTX 23 ES is designed for use with the G3X glass cockpit flight display designed exclusively for that market. In addition, Garmin announced that it is lowering the price of the G3X. Continue reading "Garmin GTX 23 Remote Transponder for ADS-B Compliance"

Dynon SkyView Adds Traffic

With the release of software version 2.6 for the SkyView EFIS, Dynon has added support for the display of traffic. Currently, the SkyView  systems support TIS input from either of Dynon's remote-mounted (and EFIS-controlled) transponders or the Garmin GTX 330. SkyView is also capable of interpreting and displaying data from a Zaon XRX passive TCAS receiver, a Navworx ADS-B receiver, or a Trig ADS-B module—essentially from any system that outputs data in the industry-standard form. Continue reading "Dynon SkyView Adds Traffic"

Sandia Introduces Transponder

Sandia Aerospace announced a new Mode C transponder with built-in encoder. The lightweight STX 165 has a one-half 3ATI front bezel and measures 7 inches depth behind the panel. The small size allows the STX 165 to be mounted outside of the center stack, making that space available for other avionics. In addition to displaying the transponder code, the unit also displays pressure altitude, has three timer functions, and with the addition of an outside air temperature probe, outside air temps, density altitude and even icing alerts.

The introductory price is $1700.

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