UL Power Inspires Young Minds

The UL Power engine booth displays a specially made engine block on a pedestal with a cutaway that allows the internal components (pistons, crankshaft) to be viewed. A hand crank was attached to the crankshaft in this display to allow rotation and view the parts in motion. The purpose of the display was to enlighten and educate prospective customers on the engine's internal construction. Continue reading "UL Power Inspires Young Minds"

A Clever Engine Mount Solution

When engine maker UL Power decided to retrofit an RV-4 with one of their engines, they faced an interesting problem, brought about by the fact that it was much lighter than the original (to the airframe) Lycoming. This meant that it needed to be mounted farther forward to keep the eight and balance correct, and this - in turn - provided a clever solution to mounting the engine for the power-plant did not sport the typical Dynafocal 1 mounting gear geometry. Continue reading "A Clever Engine Mount Solution"

UL Power Briefing

Robert Helms is UL Power's man in America.
Robert Helms is UL Power’s man in America.

Robert Helms of UL Power gave a short introductory press talk this morning at AirVenture. The company has been making steady inroads to the Experimental Amateur-Built market, right where it wants to be in the North American where certification is too expensive and SLSA is orbiting the airport in light of the third class medical situation.

UL Power offers eight different engine models varying by cylinder count and compression ratio. All are air-cooled, electronically fuel injected with the idea of mating the best of proven, simple horizontally-opposed, direct-drive legacy engine architecture with modern electronic engine management. Mogas is the preferred fuel with up to 15 percent ethanol allowed, avgas is allowed but can eventually lead foul. Continue reading "UL Power Briefing"

Kaolin Aviation to Offer FWF Kits for ULPower

UL Power engineKaolin Aviation has contracted to design and produce firewall-forward (FWF) kits for popular kit-built aircraft, to make the choice of ULPower engines easier, when the OEM airframe manufacturer has not yet developed a FWF installation.

“We realize that most builders don’t want to have to design and fabricate their own engine mounts,” said ULPower US director Robert Helms. “And most don’t want to build from scratch their own cowls and baffling; or do the ancillary engineering under that cowl, either. Though several airframe OEMs already have a ULPower option, Kaolin Aviation has agreed to work with our engine customers, to develop and produce commercial firewall-forward components that will mate with popular airframes not offering a ‘factory’ installation.”

The fully-engineered kits will include everything forward of the firewall: mount, cowl, tuned exhaust, prop, spinner, baffling, and hardware.

The first FWF kit will allow use of the ULPower 6-cylinder 520-size engines on the Van’s RV4, where a 320-size legacy engine is usually found. Lighter, smoother, and more-powerful, with FADEC and lower fuel burn (plus the flexibility of burning Avgas or mogas up to E15), the 520 maintains the legacy engine’s direct-drive, air cooled reliability and simplicity, while putting 180 horsepower to the prop.

“The advantage,” Helms notes, “is that the customer can order, knowing that he is going to get properly-engineered parts; and he won’t have to design or weld anything.”

Kaolin plans on offering a 4-cylinder kit for the Sonex family in the near future, and is prospecting for a customer. Other FWF kits will be developed to answer customer demand.

More: www.ULPower.com

ULPower Models

UL 260i           97hp @ 3300rpm       160 lbs
UL 260iS        107                               160
UL 260iSA
(aerobatic)     107                               165

UL 350i           118                               173
UL 350iS        130

UL 390i          140hp @3200rpm       222 lbs
UL 390iS        160

UL 520i          180 @ 3200                238 lbs
UL 520iS        200



Correction to our Engine Buyer's Guide

ULPower UL520i 6-cylinder engine
UL Power UL520i 6-cylinder engine

Although we strive for 100% accuracy, we here at Kitplanes do make the occasional error, and we like to step up and make it right as quickly as we can. In our March 2014 Issue, the table for the UL Power engines on page 27 was inadvertently scrambled, and we sincerely regret the mistake. The correct table has been put into our online edition, and is copied below for those who might not catch it there. We thank the many readers, and UL Power who brought this error to our attention.


Aviators By Design Announces "Soar Like an Eagle" Campaign

Organization to raise funds to complete student-built Zenith CH750 aircraft.

Aviators by Design

Aviators By Design, Founder and President, Jerry Graf announced today that the organization is kicking off its 2103 "Soar Like an Eagle" fundraising campaign, which will run from April 01 through May 31, 2013.

"We have made amazing progress in building the Zenith since the project began at the Homebuilder’s Hangar during Oshkosh 2012," Graf said. "Right after AirVenture, the aircraft was moved to its current home at Iola's Central County Airport (68C). Currently we have youth from five different local high schools working on the airplane."

"They meet at the airport every other Tuesday evening," he added. "We invite everyone to visit our Aviators By Design Facebook page to see the progress."

Continue reading "Aviators By Design Announces "Soar Like an Eagle" Campaign"