BRS Thoughts

I occasionally receive notes requesting information on ballistic recovery systems for E-AB aircraft, and questions on why you don't see more articles in Kitplanes Magazine regarding installing such systems. The truth of the matter is that while BRS chutes are pretty common in ultralight aircraft, they just haven't worked their way into that many E-AB craft... yet. Whole aircraft parachutes have so far saved quite a few lives in mishaps that have occurred in equipped aircraft, making the question of why they aren't more common an interesting one. Continue reading "BRS Thoughts"

It looks familiar, but...

Sure, you all know what this is... right? At first glance, it looks like an RV-4--but what's with the retractable landing gear? All that means is that the spirit of experimenting is alive and well, for yes, it is a retractable RV! Word is that this one might be for sale.

Continue reading "It looks familiar, but..."

Europe Represented

Yves, Francesco, and Luke.

The European contingent was in full force at the RV social, represented by Luca "Luke" Perazzolli and Francesco "Franz" Dante form northern Italy, and Yves Heller, from Switzerland. Luke and Franz are both RV-8 builder pilots, and even formation pilots, with Franz being an active duty Italian Air Force pilot. Continue reading "Europe Represented"

10 Years of the RV-10 Builders Social

It's hard to believe but this year is the 10th anniversary of the RV-10 builders social in Camp Scholler. Organized by Bob and Susan Condrey and Gary and Brenda Specketer, it's grown into a pretty good-sized event on Sunday evening prior to the show. Continue reading "10 Years of the RV-10 Builders Social"

The RV-10 TDI Arrives

Continental representatives greeted the Flandermeyer's when they arrived and anxiously listened to Scott's report on the engine's performance.

We noticed an unpainted RV-10 taxiing into the special display area near the Homebuilder's Hangar and wondered, what is so special about an RV-10? Occupants Scott and Tracey Flandermeyer explained that it is the only turbo-diesel powered RV-10 in the world. Weather challenges made the flight less than ideal for recording performance data, but the Continental CD-230 diesel engine (producing 230 HP) reportedly cruised at about 157 kt TAS and burned an average of about 8 gallons of Jet A per hour. Continue reading "The RV-10 TDI Arrives"

Kitplanes Flies the New RV-12iS!

The new RV-12iS showcases its new engine - and many more detailed refinements that make this a capable, comfortable airplane.

Kitplanes was there for the first flight of the new RV-12iS in early July, and we were given a chance to evaluate the kit and aircraft improvements with a flight soon after. From a pilot's perspective, the RV-12iS handles like the original--responsive and stable, an excellent training or sport platform. The improved cockpit includes a new center-console throttle which feels quite natural, and fast-acting electric flaps to replace the manual flap handle of the original. Both add to the human factors of the cockpit in a positive way. Top speed of the new RV-12iS is limited to 120 knots, per LSA regulations, so the improvement in performance with the iS is most noticeable in an increased climb rate and better efficiency. Continue reading "Kitplanes Flies the New RV-12iS!"