Van's Banquet

More than a dozen Van's employees sat up front and enjoyed the meal and entertainment.

If it's Tuesday night at AirVenture, it must be the Van's Aircraft Banquet night. A couple hundred RV builders, owners, vendors, and wannabes gathered at the Nature Center Pavilion for the annual celebration of all things RV. Continue reading "Van's Banquet"

Scholes RV-12 - N935RS

Scholes RV-12

In April of 2011 I ordered a kit from Van's Aircraft--the E-LSA RV12, and I have been building it since then. Last fall (2017) I finally got the paper work finalized and got my airworthiness certificate from the FAA. There were just a couple of Service Bulletins that I wanted to take care of before the first flight. Continue reading "Scholes RV-12 - N935RS"

Five-Hour Phase One


Yesterday I completed the shortest Phase 1 flight testing program I have ever done - it was for a neighbor's ELSA RV-12, an airplane I have been watching him build for the past five years. I have flown numerous flight test programs on E-AB aircraft, but this was my first time going through a factory test program for an airplane built to conform exactly to their specifications. Because it is more in the nature of production flight testing than experimental flight testing, the FAA allows a simple five hour program - which is not a lot of time to get a LOT done. Continue reading "Five-Hour Phase One"