Sturm Velocity

Velocity 173 Fixed Gear Elite N653TS has taken just shy of 20 years to morph from several boxes of fiberglass parts to the plane you see here. Back in June 1997 I had just retired from the Army as a career helicopter pilot and wanted something to keep me active in aviation besides the typical rental Cessnas I'd been flying since I was 16 back in central Illinois. I wanted something different; something sleek, fast, modern, and luxurious. My wife of 39 years has seen me survive my hang gliding years in the early 70's, and even allowed me to build my Easy Riser ultralight kit in her 2nd floor apartment back in 1977. Over the years, we've taken several flying vacation trips from our various military AeroClubs across the country and we wanted a well-appointed plane that would be affordable and comfortable for the whole family, yet still turn a few heads when we taxied up to the pumps somewhere. After a year of research, visiting several airshows, and a trip to the factory, it was decided that the Velocity would be our future magic carpet. Continue reading "Sturm Velocity"

Velocity Aircraft Ownership Changes

Velocity Aircraft announced on the Velocity Kit Aircraft Builders Forum (Reflector Mirror) web site that ownership of the company is now once again solely in the hands of Duane Swing and Scott Swing, with Rocket Racing having no interest in the company. As a result of this change, General Manager Scott Baker was released and no longer works for Velocity. John Abraham, Art Jones and Duane Swing will assume his responsibilities.

Vowing to continue to trim expenses to keep the company viable in the face of the recent economic downturn, which has had an impact on the Experimental market, Duane and Scott ask for patience from customers while they move forward to improve sales and return the company to profitability.