Free Avionics and Open-Source Hardware Designs

MakerPlane, the open-source aviation organization, and Vx Aviation, announce the availability of a range of avionics as free and open-source hardware designs. The plans and installation instructions are available at no charge for download on the MakerPlane web site.

The Vx Aviation avionics designs include audio devices, such as tone annunciators, mixers, stereo music adapters and cellphone interfaces that work with any aircraft radio or intercom systems. Also included are annunciator lamp controllers and wiring hubs that greatly simplify avionics interconnect. MakerPlane will be offering electronic kit sets, printed circuit boards and fully assembled units based on the open-source designs. Continue reading "Free Avionics and Open-Source Hardware Designs"

Vx Aviation Announces Avionics Prototyping Board, Buffer

The PROTON-225A prototyping board with PIC microcontroller may help simplify wiring and custom avionics in Experimental aircraft.

Vx Aviation has introduced its PROTONTM-225A general-purpose prototyping device, with PIC microcontroller, designed specifically for use in Experimental aircraft.

Some examples of PROTON-225A device applications include converters to adapt wiring harnesses when upgrading avionics, mounting for engine sensor bias resistors, custom audio mixers, Gillman to serial altitude encoder converters, angle of attack indicators, power supplies, annunciator lamp controllers, flap and airspeed alarms, tone generators and almost any field-designed circuit requiring secure mounting and convenient packaging. Continue reading "Vx Aviation Announces Avionics Prototyping Board, Buffer"