Garmin adds latest FIS-B weather products to the GTN 650/750 series

GTN 750 FIS-B weather - lightning.

Garmin announced several new enhancements and the addition of new features within the GTN 650/750 series touchscreen navigators. With the latest software update and a compatible ADS-B In receiver, pilots can now view new FIS-B weather products on the GTN. Also, when the GTN 650/750 is paired with a G3X Touch flight display in experimental/amateur-built aircraft, pilots now have the option to edit VFR flight plan information from the G3X Touch. These features and more are available immediately from Garmin Authorized Dealers for hundreds of aircraft makes and models. Continue reading "Garmin adds latest FIS-B weather products to the GTN 650/750 series"

As the Low Moves... (Slowly)

Airplanes arrived at AirVenture in spurts today, as the low pressure center that was using the filed as a pinwheel moved ever so slowly off to the south and east. The rain stayed away until late morning, but low clouds persisted in the area, with bases reported from slightly above the 1,000' minimums to slightly below - depending on if you were buying or selling. The first hearty souls started trickling in about 0845, and there was a major spurt of activity from about 0930, with an arrival of Cherokees, followed by a wide variety of aircraft that had been holding over Green Lake for that arrival. Continue reading "As the Low Moves... (Slowly)"

The Days Before

While AirVenture doesn't officially start until Monday, the three or four days before are really my favorite. It's the time of gathering, the time of preparation. Volunteers have been on site for weeks - some for more than that. I arrived Thursday evening to find the grounds prepared, signs up, rows of aircraft parking prepared... and none of that happens by itself! I enjoy showing up a couple of days early because I get to spend time with my friends who do all of that work. We get to sit and talk before the tsunami of airplanes and people that make this the greatest of aviation events arrived with the cacophony of thousands of flying machines. Continue reading "The Days Before"

Garmin adds FIS-B weather compatibility

Garmin announced future product compatibility with the new FIS-B weather products available through the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) ground station network in the United States. Once the ground station network is established to broadcast these new FIS-B weather products, pilots will be able to access them within the Garmin Pilot™ application on Apple mobile devices using Garmin receivers that support ADS-B In. Broader Garmin display compatibility is expected later this year and into the first-half of 2019. Continue reading "Garmin adds FIS-B weather compatibility"

The trip to Sun 'n Fun

Well I guess it was a bit optimistic to expect that I could fly from one side of the country to the other on my way to Sun 'n Fun without the weather intervening. A good reminder that while small planes offer great freedom and flexibility they don't do thunderstorms really well. So any big cross-country plan needs to include plenty of fat so you don't fall victim to press-on-itis. With this in mind I'm sitting out Tuesday in Mississippi and will have another go tomorrow. Still plenty of air show left so no need to attempt to outrun lightning.