The trip to Sun 'n Fun

Well I guess it was a bit optimistic to expect that I could fly from one side of the country to the other on my way to Sun 'n Fun without the weather intervening. A good reminder that while small planes offer great freedom and flexibility they don't do thunderstorms really well. So any big cross-country plan needs to include plenty of fat so you don't fall victim to press-on-itis. With this in mind I'm sitting out Tuesday in Mississippi and will have another go tomorrow. Still plenty of air show left so no need to attempt to outrun lightning.

The Tundra in Winter

Flying through the holiday season has its challenges - climatically, winter is blowing in and that means fast-moving systems with lots of cold. In the summer, we worry about heat energetic in the atmosphere kicking up connective activity. When cold, high pressure moves in it brings high winds and all the mechanical issues associated with low temperatures - cold engines, cold tires, cracking plastic and frosted up windows. Some of these are nuisances, some are hard on aircraft, and some - icing - can make flying hazardous. Continue reading "The Tundra in Winter"

Camping is Fun

You could fly commercial to visit Sun 'n Fun and stay in a hotel and drive to the venue, but you would be missing out on some elements of the experience. For my first visit to the show I chose to fly out from the West Coast which was an adventure in itself. I must confess to becoming an iThingy cripple. Without two GPS moving maps and ADS-B weather and traffic I feel deprived.

Continue reading "Camping is Fun"