Before and After: Tundra Tires

Tundra on Goodyear Blimp tires

Ever wondered what Tundra Tires can do for a bush plane? Here's a quick summary, based on the first couple of hours of flying our Dream Tundra after stepping up to 25.5" Goodyear "Blimp" tires. The stock tires for the Tundra are the old standard 8.50x6, and they have done a good job for the first 120 hours on the plane. They work great on pavement and improved gravel or turf strips--but they get a little nervous when the landing surface gets rougher and less improved. Or maybe its just the pilot that gets nervous--it can be hard to tell.

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Beringer's New Products to be Introduced at AirVenture

Beringer Aero will host a press conference at AirVenture with footage of the Alaskan LG Drop tests on Tuesday, 25th at 9:30 at the Media Center and an Aero Breakfast on Wednesday, July 26th from 8:30 to 10:30 at booth #437 to introduce new products:

6" HL wheel/brake for >4500 lb single and twin engine aircraft

4-piston brake caliper and high strength brake disc for increased braking torque and great braking power.

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