Large Hydraulics

schweiss hydraulic door

Oh heck--no, it's not an airplane part, and I wasn't cruising along at altitude, trying to stay awake - but it is definitely aviation related, since its part of our new workshop, so let's talk about large hydraulics that require gallons of fluid - and bleeding is a matter of pumping enough fluid to empty a four gallon reservoir. Along with working on airplanes, we've been slowly building a shop addition to our hangar, and part of that addition includes a hangar door big enough to roll airplanes in and out for work. Design restriction meant we needed to keep the building low, so the outside wall could only fit a nine-foot high door. Continue reading "Large Hydraulics"

Zenith Workshops Return to Sebring 2018

Zenith Aircraft's popular hands-on kit building workshops are returning to the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo next month.

The Zenith workshops are aimed at the first-time airplane builder and have become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts who are considering whether or not to build their own aircraft, but are unsure if they have the required skills, work-space and tools. Skills learned at this workshop are applicable to any metal design. Continue reading "Zenith Workshops Return to Sebring 2018"

Stewart Systems Sun 'n Fun Workshop Announced

Stewart Systems will be conducting its first free hands-on fabric covering and painting workshop at Sun 'N Fun 2017. The workshop will be conducted daily from 10 am until about 2 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Participants will be covering a test frame with fabric, applying finish tape and inspection covers, as well as the brush coats of EkoFill. They will be able to practice spray-gun application of EkoFill, EkoPrime and Stewart topcoats. Continue reading "Stewart Systems Sun 'n Fun Workshop Announced"

Zenith Aircraft's Workshops Expanded for 2017

Zenith Aircraft Company is bringing its popular two-day hands-on kit aircraft building workshop to the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida from January 25 - 28, 2017.

The workshops have become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts who have considered building their own aircraft but were not sure if they could handle the required skills, workspace and tools. During the workshop, which begins on Wednesday (January 25) and runs until Thursday afternoon (January 26), participants actually construct their own Zenith Aircraft rudder assembly from a standard kit. A second workshop begins on Friday (January 27) and concludes on Saturday (January 28). Additional hands-on projects and demonstrations will be held during the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at the Zenith Aircraft workshop tent. Continue reading "Zenith Aircraft's Workshops Expanded for 2017"